Manor Lakes Prep – 12 College

Established in 2009, Manor Lakes P-12 College is a college committed to improving learning outcomes for all our students. We strive to provide specific programs and opportunities for learners with a range of educational needs. We are committed to the continued creation of a community of responsible learners who have a belief in their ability to learn, grow and succeed.

Staff, students and community at Manor Lakes P-12 College, are expected to model our four College expectations and behaviours of showing respect, valuing our community, aiming high and being safe.

We have taken a deliberate and considered approach to developing personalised learning opportunities for students, giving them access to a varied curriculum.

Manor Lakes offers a head start

Junior high school students are being given the chance to learn beyond their years. Manor Lakes P-12 College last year introduced an enrichment program that teaches year 7 and 8 students advanced curriculum based on their individual needs. Students have to pass a...

Art prize with a heart

Congratulations to John Mathet from Year 11 after winning the People’s Choice Award at the Wyndham Art Prize! Source: Star Weekly

2018 Academic Excellence Achievements

Congratulations to the following Year 7 Enrichment students for achieving ‘Academic Excellence’ in 2018 at the end of year Awards Ceremony:

Year 7 maths games day

Two teams of four students (eight students in total) participated in the Maths Games Day Competition held at Overnewton Anglican Community College on Monday 3rd September. Team 2 came 35th out of the 50 teams and Team 1 came 15th out of the 50 teams – excellent...

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