Supported Learning: Continuity of Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you will be aware, the Department of Education has instructed that all Victorian Government schools will commence school holidays as of Tuesday 24th March, 2020. This is to give teachers the chance to prepare for the possibility of online learning at the commencement of Term Two.

In light of the possible move to online learning, staff in Supported Learning have already commenced preparations to allow all students to access a continuity of education. We have elected to utilise Seesaw Classrooms as our platform of choice for home learning.

  • You will need to either download the Seesaw Classrooms application on iPad/tablet device or;
  • Access Seesaw Classrooms on laptop or desktop computers via
  • You will be provided with a QR code and login code by Kate Lovegrove via email, Seesaw family app or Compass.
  • Select ‘I am a student’ and enter code or scan QR code. This will give you access to a home learning portal and direct contact with your classroom teacher.

I would like to thank staff for working so diligently at preparing a huge array of home learning tasks and this will continue to happen over the coming days. Tasks will be specifically set for students based on their level of need and level of learning. They are not live recordings and so timetables can be flexibly delivered at a time that suits best in your home. We recommend at minimum the following time allowances delivered per school day:

  • 20 mins Reading
  • 15 mins Writing
  • 15 mins Communication/social skills oriented game
  • 20 mins Maths

And the following time allowances per week:

  • 30 mins Physical Education
  • 30 mins Art/Creative Arts

We understand that students may not be able to pay attention for this long in one sitting and have intentionally designed tasks that they can take a break from and return to if necessary.

Please note some additional resources that are available for you to use at home:

At this point we would like to put out an expression of interest for parents/students to indicate if they would be interested in access to 30 min ‘tutoring’/check in sessions with our Education Support Staff via a video chat platform called ‘Zoom’. This would enable some one-on-one support for learning time and a chance to practise appropriate social skills. If you are interested in this, please email me directly on the email address listed below and should we shift to online learning in Term Two, we can organise a timetable for students to access this additional support.

Please bear with us in the meantime while we navigate this unchartered territory and iron out the ‘kinks’ which will no doubt appear. Please email as needed.

I also have access to a school mobile phone which you can text or call me on if required. The number is: 0477 016 947


Thank you for your patience and support,

Best wishes to you and your family during this time.

Francesca Ahearn
Supported Learning