Dear Families,

The announcement made today stated that all students return to school tomorrow, 28/7/21. The school will be open to accommodate all students able to return given the notice given. All learning will be face to face, unless a student has a medical condition that prevents them returning.

I received the Department of Education advice about the return this evening at 7.30pm and can now send out the summary of the Operations Guide provided to all schools.

Based on advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer, schools in Victoria will return to face-to-face learning and teaching for all students from and including Wednesday 28 July 2021.

As part of planned changes to keep our schools safe and reduce the impact of any future outbreaks, schools will be required to implement COVID-safe behaviours. These include the following strategies to promote physical distancing, minimise mixing between groups and limit access to school grounds to only those providing essential services:

  • All staff must wear a face mask at all times indoors and outdoors when at school (except when engaged in teaching), including in staff rooms
  • Staff should observe physical distancing, limit mixing in staff rooms and offices, and conduct all-staff meetings and professional development online
  • Density limits of 1 person per 4 square metres apply to staff areas such as staff lunchrooms and areas accessed by the public, such as reception areas
  • To prevent the congregation of parents at school gates and allow safe entry, where necessary, schools should consider staggered start and finish times, and/or separate entrances for different grade or year levels
  • Non-essential visitors should not be allowed into school grounds
  • Break times should be staggered where possible to ensure cohorts of students remain apart
  • All school gatherings such as assemblies and school events should be deferred or held remotely
  • Interschool activities are not permitted at this time.
  • School camps, outdoor education programs and overnight stays can take place across Victoria with no travel restrictions. Bookings must be limited to single schools. Multiple schools can attend camps providing school groups remain separated and do not share common facilities at the same time. Mixing of staff and students between different schools is not permitted.
  • Incursions are not permitted, but excursions can take place with students from single schools only.


Returning to on-site learning:

Schools have been instructed to focus on three priorities:




Face masks

There has been no change to the face mask advice, which will continue to apply to all school settings, including any OSHC programs:

  • School staff and secondary school students aged 12 or older must wear a face mask at all times indoors and outdoors when at school, including when attending an OSHC program, unless a lawful exception applies
  • Children under 12 years of age and students at primary school are not required to wear face masks when at school, or when attending an OSHC program
  • Face masks are mandatory for all school staff and school students aged 12 or older on public transport and when in taxis or ride-share vehicles. This includes travelling to and from school on public transport or in a vehicle with others not from your household
  • For the purpose of communication, teachers and education support staff are not required to wear face masks while teaching, but those who wish to do so, can.

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC): programs operating in schools can resume full operations from tomorrow.

Implications for Manor Lakes P12 College

  • Parents are asked to not enter grounds unless absolutely necessary. If a parent does enter grounds, eg for a prep drop off where there are no older siblings able to assist, they are not to linger, but take their child to the building and leave immediately.
  • If parents remain on grounds they must check in with the QR codes at the gates.
  • Secondary students require masks, however, if they have a medical exemption, they will be asked to socially distance from staff and classmates within the classroom.
  • Public events have been cancelled, however I have made an exception to the Course Planning for Year 10 students given it will be a scheduled event meaning we will know which parents were on site at which time, and the importance of this event for student pathways and future schooling over the next two years.

Expectations re Yr 10 Course Cancelling

  • Parents attending will need to QR code when they arrive.
  • Parents will be expected to maintain social distancing.
  • Parents will be required to leave promptly after completing their scheduled meeting.
  • Zoom and phone meeting options are available for families who opt to attend the Course Counselling in person.

Please refer to Compass notes from Erin Howard.

  • Excursions/Camps

Camps that have been booked will go ahead under DET operational guidelines.

  • Start and Finish times

These remain as normal. While there is a request to consider staggered start times, the P-12 nature of our school with many primary students dropped off by secondary siblings makes this impractical. Parents dropping students off are asked to drop off and not enter the grounds, staff will be at gates to assist students enter and move towards classrooms.

  • Parents attending school

Parents should only attend during the day if a booking or meeting time has been made. There are numerous strategies in place to support students such as emergency lunches and spare uniform which means parents do not need to drop off lunches or forgotten items.

Updates will be provided for parents as information becomes available


Steve Warner


Manor Lakes P12 College


Mobile: 0425 729 304