Dear Parents and Carers

The Victorian Government has announced arrangements for schools in Victoria from and including Friday 4 June.
Based on advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer, all schools in metropolitan Melbourne will continue with remote and flexible learning until Thursday 10 June. This includes our school.
Students who are enrolled in a school in metropolitan Melbourne but reside in regional Victoria will continue remote and flexible learning.
Existing arrangements for on-site supervision of vulnerable children and the children of authorised workers continue to be in place.
There is one important change to the current settings.
Students enrolled in schools in metropolitan Melbourne in Years 11 and 12 and any other students enrolled in Unit 3/4 VCE studies will return to face-to-face learning from and including Friday 4 June.

On-site supervision 
The Victorian Government has requested that all students who can stay at home should remain at home, to slow the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19.
We will offer limited on-site learning for those students who need to access this, including for students on days when they are not able to be supervised at home or no other arrangement can be made.
1. For children of parents employed in authorised services who cannot work from home.
2. For vulnerable students without access to a safe or suitable learning environment at home, and as identified by DFFH

If you require your child to be supervised at school, the survey form at the end of this newsletter needs to be completed, and your child’s attendance at school needs to be approved by the relevant person:
Secondary – Renee Liprino –
Supported – Francesca Ahearn –
Primary – Tsering Sherpa –
The learning program provided at school will be identical to the learning program provided for all students working from home. Students attending school will be supervised by teachers who will be administering their own grade’s needs at the same time via remote learning. The children will not be supervised by their own classroom teachers.
Students who do attend school will be required to wear school uniform, and adhere to:
-physical distancing
-use of hand sanitiser
By submitting this form, I declare that my child/ren is/are well and I will collect my child/ren as soon as practicable upon the request of the school if my child becomes unwell.
In order to make adequate provisions and meet requirements could you please fill in and return the following form by Thursday 27th May at 7:00pm, only if your child falls into the above categories as specified by the DET.
Parents who submit the form in the belief they meet this criteria will be contacted. Once parents have received approval and confirmation from the school, there will be additional booking information supplied.

Face masks 
Secondary school students aged 12 or older must always wear a face mask at school, including when attending an Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program, unless an exception applies.
Children under 12 years of age and students at primary school are not required to wear face masks when at school, or when attending an OHSC program.
Face masks are mandatory for all school students aged 12 or older when travelling to and from school.

Application for Supervision of Students at School during Statewide Lockdown
Students that are approved to be onsite, are supervised in a classroom by volunteer teachers to ensure they are being safe, they are not taught by the supervising teacher onsite. The student completes the online work, the same as students who are staying at home. It is the same program.
It is expected the vast majority of secondary students will be able to manage themselves safely at home. If there is no adult or older sibling to manage a student, and the secondary student is a danger to themselves, please provide the following detailed information below.
I understand that your child may fit in one category, but I still need the other information in writing, so I have it for our records.
We may also need to pass this information on to the Department of Education, at their request, as they need to know what supervision is needed, if there are further Covid complications.

  1. Student Name and year level.

 2. Circumstances that require the student to be supervised at      school, e.g. both parents are authorised workers and no older sibling or relation at home or nearby to supervise. (If this is the case; job title, work hours, start and finish times and a contact number to confirm details at the authorised workplace will be required).Job Title:

Work Hours:

Start time:

Finish Time:

Work contact number to confirm details:

3.   If a secondary student, why the secondary student cannot manage themselves safely at home.

 4.  If your child is considered a Vulnerable Student, a child at risk of child abuse, a child in Out of Home Care. Please provide an outline of need for supervision at school.

 5. If your child has a disability (and this diagnosis is by a medical professional) – Please provide an outline of need for supervision at school.