Return to Face to Face Teaching Update 8/10/20

Dear parents and carers

On behalf of our school, I want to say a big thank you to all our students, parents and carers for your continued resilience and support throughout this year. I know remote and flexible learning has not always been easy, but through our collective efforts, our students have continued to make valuable progress in their learning. Plans and programs are being developed to assist students who have fallen behind, and these will be communicated with the parents of those particular students.

Term 4 is important for every Victorian student, and our teachers will strive to deliver high-quality learning for everyone. Whether we’re teaching remotely or face-to-face, our focus for Term 4 is on making sure that every student is supported in their wellbeing, learning and transition needs.

The Victorian Government has outlined their staged return to on-site schooling for all students as part of its gradual roadmap towards reopening.

Term 4 on-site schooling arrangements for students

Following advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer, the Victorian Government has released a staged approach for students to return to on-site schooling.

The purpose of their plan is to get students back in the classroom as soon and as safely as possible without putting at risk all that has been achieved through the period of restrictions to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

For our school, the following arrangements apply:

From 12 October (second week of Term 4)

  • students in Prep to Year 7 will return to on-site schooling. The existing remote learning program will not continue for these year levels
  • Students enrolled in years 11 and 12 (and students in any other year level undertaking VCAL or VCE studies) will attend on-site schooling
  • remote and flexible learning will continue for all students in Year 8 to Year 10 (except students in any other year level studying VCE and VCAL units)
  • on-site supervision will remain available for students in Year 8 to Year 10 who are the children of permitted workers and vulnerable students.

From 26 October (third week of Term 4)

  • students in Year 8 to Year 10 will return to on-site schooling. The existing remote learning program will not continue for these year levelsOutside school hours care and vacation care

During the staged return, outside school hours care will be available to students attending for on-site supervision and progressively for the relevant year levels returning to on-site schooling.

Health and safety measures

The Term 3 remote and flexible learning arrangements were put in place by the Government to reduce the movement of more than one million students and their families across Victoria, to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

As on-site schooling resumes, we will continue to have in place measures to protect the health and safety of students, staff, families and the community. This includes staggering start and finish times, restricting parent access to school grounds and continued emphasis on hand hygiene and physical distancing where possible.

Please give particular attention to reducing the risks associated with congregation at school gates and taking steps to contribute to physical distancing within the school.

  • Only staff and students are to enter the grounds. If a person other than a staff member or student wishes/needs, to enter the school, an appointment is necessary and this can be made by emailing: or ringing the office: 9741 4202.
  • Drink fountains have been disconnected and can only be used to refill water bottles – students must bring water bottles from home.
  • The secondary canteen will reopen as of 12/10, however students must maintain a 1.4m distance while queuing. The primary canteen is available as previously for lunch orders only.
  • All students 12 and over must wear a mask while at school, and while travelling to and from school. Mask wearing is optional for students under 12.
  • The gates between primary and secondary will be locked at 9.00am. It is essential that all students, primary secondary and supported, arrive on time and are able to enter their classes when they begin.
  • The primary year levels will have staggered start and finish times to minimise parent congestion around school entrances. The secondary and supported students will have the usual start and finish times. A number of supported students require parent assistance to enter, but we believe the size of car park, number of students and size of entrance will enable social distancing to occur. The secondary students are more independent and few parents accompany secondary students to the gates to enter school. Arrangements will be made to assist secondary students to pick up primary siblings or for primary students to meet up with secondary siblings at the end of the school day.
  • Where possible, buildings will have one way travel corridors, ie an entry door and an exit door. Students must follow these entry and exit procedures into buildings.
  • Students will have recesses together in their sectors, and active play and passive activities will be allowed/encouraged. Physical contact between students is not allowed. Previously, students have been observed hugging and other platonic gestures. This has not been encouraged, but understood as a social gesture. The current social distancing expectations means this behaviour cannot occur at school.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available in every room and should be used by students when they enter and leave. It is recommended students have a personal supply of hygiene products, wipes, sanitiser, spare mask.
  • Use of shared items, eg stationery supplies will be minimalised, and if sharing is still required, items will be wiped down after use.
  • Additional cleaning has been provided by the Department of Education and this will take place throughout the day.
  • Any student who is unwell must not attend school and should be tested for COVID if they present with any symptoms. If family members are unwell, students should remain at home until the ‘all clear’ is given. If a student becomes unwell while at school, the student will be placed in ‘isolation’ and parents must make prompt arrangements for the student to be collected from school and medical action taken as necessary.


Whether your child/children are, returning to face-to-face learning or will be continuing with remote and flexible learning for a short period, please be assured we will be focused on three key priorities in Term 4:

Mental health and wellbeing

Our highest priority will be the wellbeing, particularly the mental health, of every student and member of staff. This means effectively mobilising all available resources to support our most vulnerable students and enabling staff to access the relevant support services.

If students are concerned about their wellbeing, mental, emotional, social, academic or physical, they should seek assistance from, family member, a trusted member of school staff, for Secondary students, the Drs In Schools program, or reconnect with a member of Allied Health if they have previously been involved. If a student is unable to identify who they can seek assistance/advice from, they should contact the following:

Steve Warner, College Principal –


Daniel Condon, Assistant Principal:

Kim McCabe, Principal:

Tsering Sherpa, Wellbeing Coordinator:

Natalie Vulic, Principal:


Wayne Abrahams, Head of School 9-10:

Krystal Jessop, Head of School 11-12:

Renee Liprino, Principal:

Penny Owens, Assistant Principal Wellbeing:

Billy Vasilevski, head of School 7-8:

Sam Watkins, Assistant Principal Curriculum:


Francesca Ahearn, Principal:

Learning and excellence

Some of our students have thrived in the remote and flexible learning environment, others have maintained their learning progress, and some have fallen behind, despite their best efforts and those of their families and teachers. Our priority will be supporting both those who need it to catch up and those who have progressed to continue to extend their learning.


We will make every effort to ensure successful transitions for children moving from kindergarten into Prep, the Grade 6s moving into Year 7, and the Year 12s moving into employment or further education and training.

We know some families are worried that their child may have to repeat a year due to the disruptions of coronavirus (COVID-19). There is little evidence to support the benefits of repeating a year to catch up. Instead, schools will use teaching strategies that draw on the best evidence available to help students meet their learning needs.

Parents, families and carers can be confident that the best option for almost every child is to stay with their peer group, whether that is moving from kindergarten into Prep, moving from Grade 6 into Year 7 at secondary school, or students moving up any year level in between.

Information for All Students and Families

When students return to school, expectations that have been implemented previously will resume:

  • Students must be in uniform, refer to the school website to familiarize with uniform expectations.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used once students enter the school grounds, and are to remain off until students leave the school grounds at the end of the day.
  • Behavioural expectations remain in place.

For the wellbeing of all at the school, it is essential that students do not flout any measures that are in place or may be developed. There is still community transmission and the possibility transmission rates of COVID may increase. If a positive case occurs in a student or staff member, the school will be closed for the infectious clean as well as the contact tracing and remain closed until Department of Health and Human Services deems it safe to reopen.

Kind regards

Steve Warner

Manor Lakes P12 College


COVIDSafe principles for schools

Reinforce COVIDSafe behaviours* Create COVIDSafe spaces Promote COVIDSafe activities


Respond to coronavirus (COVID-19) risk*


·         Stay home when unwell*

·         Practise good hygiene*

·         Ensure physical distancing (1.5m) *

·         Wear a face mask* (students 12 years and older in secondary school, and staff.  Staff are not required to wear face masks while teaching, but can if they wish to do so)

·         Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces*

·         Make hand hygiene easy

·         Keep surfaces clean and implement enhanced environmental cleaning and disinfection

·         Promote outdoor air ventilation and do not have air conditioners on recirculate

·         Limit school access to outside visitors where possible

·         Reduce mixing between groups

·         Create workforce bubbles*

·         Adapt, modify or defer higher-risk activities

·         Move activities outdoors where possible, weather permitting

·         Keep records and act quickly if someone becomes unwell*

·         Use personal protective equipment

·         Clean and disinfect appropriately if a staff member or student has been unwell at school

·         Manage individual risk


WELCOME BACK PRIMARY – A message from the Primary Leaders

Dear Families,

We are looking forward to seeing all Grade Prep to 6 students on Monday 12th October, as they resume face to face teaching and learning. We are proud of all students’ and families’ commitments and efforts in continuing learning form home for such a long time, in the form of remote learning. Thank you to parents, grandparents, older siblings and other family members who have supported your children as remote learning was extended. We are all looking forward to hearing children’s voices and seeing children play in the school grounds – a school is a weird place without children! Here are a few reminders about the return to school:

All Primary students are expected to return to school on Monday 12th October. This means if you choose to keep your child/ren home after their year level has returned to on-site schooling, we are not expected to support their learning from home.
This does not apply to children who need to be absent for health or medical reasons. For those families, please contact our Wellbeing and Engagement Leader, Tsering Sherpa, so an appropriate plan can be developed:

Primary – Tsering Sherpa: Email:


Staggered Start and Finish Times:

To ensure we adhere to physical distancing advice from the Department of Education, we will implement staggered arrival and dismissal times for the remainder of term 4. The times are as follows:

Year Level Arrival time into school gate Home Group Begins Exit time out of school gate
Grade Prep 8:25am 8:40am 2:30pm
Grade 1 8:25am 8:40am 2:30pm
Grade 2 8:25am 8:40am 2:30pm
Grade 3 8:40am 8:50am 2:45pm
Grade 4 8:40am 8:50am 2:45pm
Grade 5 8:50am 9:00am 3:00pm
Grade 6 8:50am 9:00am 3:00pm


*Grade 3 to 6 students with a Prep to 2 sibling will be permitted to enter the gate at the younger sibling’s allocated time, and proceed to the Hindmarsh Basketball Court for supervision.

Similarly, in the afternoon, Grade 3 to 6 students with a Prep to 2 sibling will be dismissed at the earlier timeslot of 2:30pm so the family can leave the gate at the same time (more information on gates below).

As per Department of Education directives, parents are not allowed onsite for the remainder of Term 4. We know this is a different practice that many families are not used to. The Grade Prep to 2 students have become independent in their new routine of independently collecting coloured gate tokens in the morning upon entry, and then exiting through the same gate in the afternoon.

We expect the Grade 3 to 6 students to independently make their way into and out of the school gates independently from Monday onwards. Please discuss with your child/ren which gate you wish for them to enter and exit. All students will need to collect a coloured token each morning.


A Gate Preference Form will be sent to you following this post, and you will be required to nominate your preferred gate for entry and exit. Please submit responses by Friday 9th October at 5:00pm.

Gate signs are numbered and coloured as follows:

Gate 1 BLUE       Argyle swing gate (between Argyle and Burley Griffin)

Gate 2 RED–  Argyle car park slide gate – (between Argyle and Dalaroo)

Gate 3 YELLOW – New Bonney Sports Field Gate (close to Echo Supported gate)

Gate 4 GREEN  – Scholar Drive gate (between Bonney and Hindmarsh classrooms)

Gate 5  PURPLE– Dalrymple Community car park gate

Gate 6 ORANGE – Barlee Basketball courts gate

Gate 7 BLACK – Victoria building (Secondary) gate


In the morning:

Please have your child/ren ready to say goodbye by the time that you reach your nominated gate –and then the gate staff will hand all Prep to 6 students a coloured token (same colour as gate). Students will walk to their classrooms, and will hand their coloured token to their teachers. Please ensure adults maintain physical distancing of 1.5m and do not congregate at the gate area. A planned goodbye routine is recommended, for example, one quick hug/kiss and a wave, and then move on promptly, to allow the next family to begin their routine.

In the afternoon:

  • Grade Prep, 1 and 2 students will be walked to designated gates for a 2:30 finish
  • Grade 3 and 4 students will walk to designated gates for a 2:45 finish
  • Grade 5 and 6 students will walk to designated gates for a 3:00 finish.

We expect many students, especially from Grade 3 to 6, to be walking home independently, or walking to a meeting spot away from the school to meet parents (this should be a preferred option to improve parents’ capacity to maintain social distancing) i.e. parents waiting away from the school.

Grade 3 to 6 students who have Grade Prep to 2 sibling will meet their younger sibling at the gate, and will be dismissed at 2:30, so that the family can leave the gate at the same time.

Students attending after school care will follow their normal process, which is:

Grade Prep students will be collected from classrooms at the end of the day (2:30pm).

Grade 1 to 6 students will make their way to Barlee Gym in small student groups/independently.

Primary students with a Secondary sibling will use Gate 7 (Black) and will be escorted to the Victoria Building to meet their Secondary sibling and proceed through the Victoria building to exit.

Late Arrivals

Late students disrupt the learning for all students. Students need to be in the classroom by the start of their Home Group time, in order to prepare for the morning sessions. Parents of students who are late will be asked to supply information about the lateness. To assist parents, online meetings can be organised to develop strategies to help ensure children are at school and ready for learning by Home Group time.

Gates to the school will automatically close at 9:00am. After this time, students will need to enter the Burley Griffin Administration office to collect a late pass. If a child is late due to a medical appointment, Primary children must enter the Burley Griffin office.

Items to bring back to school

  • Please bring back any student workbooks, handwriting books, and any other school based student belongings that have been taken home during the remote learning time.
  • Students should bring a filled drink bottle, as drinking fountains are out of action for the remainder of term.
  • School hats are required for term 4, as per our SunSmart policy.

Parents should only attend the office if they have an urgent matter. Communication should be by phone 9741 4202 or email .

If you have any other questions, please let contact us via email

Kind Regards,

Natalie and Kim – Primary Co-Principals

Daniel Condon – Primary Assistant Principal

Family Support/Assistance

If any families have a health care card and are not currently linked in with the Smith Family Scholarships for students in P-6 to please get in contact with Tsering Sherpa- Leading Teacher for Student Wellbeing via email at

For Camps Sports Excursion funding- CSEF, please speaking to office staff and providing a copy of their health care card.


Tsering Sherpa

 Message from Werribee Hospital

“Children aged 0-18 with medical problems can now receive in-hospital care at Werribee Mercy Hospital via our Emergency department. We are staffed by children’s doctors 24 hours a day, and look forward to providing great care for families closer to home.”

Dr Kate Hughes and Kathy McMahon, paediatricians at Werribee Mercy Hospital

School Crossings

The following information has been provided by Wyndham Council regarding crossing supervision.

“When determining which crossings are to be covered, we have taken into the crossings that are in direct vicinity of your school, speed limits, number of pedestrians that attended in Terms 2 and 3 and any that are considered high risk.

Throughout this year The Wyndham City Council’s School Crossing Program have worked towards expanding on its operations, to accommodate the needs of schools within our municipality. The School Crossing Program will return to full service once we receive advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer, and where staffing levels permit.

Below is a list of the crossings that we are able to cover near your school and the times of supervision:

Eureka Drive- 8:00am-9:00am and 2:45pm-3:45pm

Howqua Way- 8:00am-9:00am and 2:30pm-3:30pm

Manor Lakes Boulevard- 8:00am-9:00am and 2:30pm-3:30pm

Minindee Road- 8:05am-9:05am and 2:30pm-3:30pm

Scholar Drive- 8:05am-9:05am and 2:30pm-3:30pm

While we appreciate that school times may have changed, after consultation with the Department of Education and the Department of Transport we are unfortunately not in a position to provide any staff for school crossings outside of the prescribed times.

As you would be aware, the prescribed school zone times, when speed limits must be reduced for the safety of users of a school crossing, are 8.00am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4.00pm. These times are set by the Department of Transport and backed by significant research and studies.