Dear parents,

Thank you for your assistance over the first day and a half with the transition back to school for P-2, VCE/VCAL and Supported students. The staff and I expected some teething issues with parents remaining off site and students returning to classes after significant time away, but from our observations these issues have been few. Parents are welcome to contact me to raise concerns and the school leadership will consider what options are available.


Forgotten Lunches

As previously requested, parents and other adults are asked to not enter the school or office unless urgent. In my previous posts, I failed to mention arrangements if a student has forgotten their lunch/snack. An emergency lunch will be provided, sandwich, fruit, fruit cup etc. Parents are requested not to bring lunch or other food to school. A phone call to the office if a parent realises a lunch has been left behind will be all it takes for a member of student wellbeing to organise a replacement lunch. If a student lets their teacher know they do not have lunch or snack, this will also activate an emergency lunch/snack to be made available.


School Crossings

I was advised by Wyndham Council last week that not all the crossings around the school would be supervised. This is a result of many of the crossing supervisors being elderly people and in the vulnerable, medical groups and unable to return to their work as crossing supervisors. The supervision of the crossings is a Wyndham Council responsibility and while I would prefer all crossings were supervised during drop off and pick up, the school has no control over the crossings. If parents are concerned about a crossing, please contact Wyndham Council to express your concerns and ask for assistance with those concerns.


Smoking near the school

A parent has raised concerns this morning with a teacher on gate duty about parents smoking near the fence. Smoking is banned within 4 metres of entrances to schools and also within the grounds. It would be appreciated if smokers maintain a suitable distance from the entrances.

Steve Warner

Manor Lakes P12 College
Mob: 0425 729 304