Dear Families,
As you are all aware, term 2 has begun in strange circumstances given the closure of government schools as part of the Government’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.
The Department of Education on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer has stated, ‘all children who can learn from home must learn from home.’
Teachers have been developing the learning from home platform and information has been sent to all families via Compass over the past three weeks. I hope that everything goes smoothly, though the reality is there are almost certain to be issues and these will be addressed as quickly as possible. (I see Compass ‘fell over’ this morning).
I wish all families well with the Learning from Home program, and school leaders will support if contacted.


Staff, (Teachers and Education Support), have been instructed by the Department and the industrial bodies to not be on site unless essential, and if they are here, to minimise the time they are on site. This means class and subject teachers will not be available other than through the online platforms and they will be available from:

Primary: 8.30am – 1.30pm each day. (emails after 1.30pm will be responded to when teachers are free over the next days).

Secondary: 9.00am – 4.30pm each day. (emails after 4.30pm will be responded to when teachers are free over the next days).

Supported: Times as previously emailed to parents.



As with other staff, the office is operating on a skeleton staff. There have been numerous phone calls over the past two days and the office is unable to answer all of them. If you call the office and fail to have your call answered, please try at a later time, your patience with this is appreciated. (We are waiting for a message service to be added to the answering service, and there should shortly be alternative numbers available to call, diverted to staff operating rom home).

If you have queries on the following subjects, please email the query to the relevant section and a response will be provided as soon as possible, this may not be the same day.


ICT, eg Compass access:

Primary online learning: or

Secondary online learning:

Supported online learning:


ICT Support:

A number of parents have been contacting the school over the last 24 hours to get access to their compass accounts. This has resulted in a significant backlog. The ICT staff are not on site, however, they will address this remotely. Login resets for Compass will be provided as they become available, but given the volume of requests, this may take a few days.


On line Learning:

Teachers have planned lessons to be delivered on line. Instructions to access the online learning have been communicated to families. If a family does not have internet access, or does not have a device to access the online learning, paper copies of the learning are now being made available. To collect a paper version, please contact the relevant sector leader and a pack will be prepared for you to pick up.

Collection of paper packs will be by arrangement and student names will be on the pack.

Pick up times:

Primary – Friday 1.00pm – 2.30pm at Burley Griffin

Secondary – Monday 1.00pm – 2.30pm at Victoria administration

Supported – Friday 1.00pm – 2.30pm at Burley Griffin


Secondary: or



Support for Families:

If a family is unable to provide care for their primary child, supervision is available at school. This supervision is only for:

– essential service workers where there is no one available at home to look after a child.

– students referred to the school by DHHS where the student is at risk remaining in the home during the day.

The supervision of students who cannot learn from home will be very different from a normal school day. Classes will be mixed year levels, a maximum of ten students, students will be spread around the room, recesses will be a break, but play will be limited to non-contact and non-ball sharing games, playgrounds are closed, and teachers will be whichever teacher is available and in many instances will be a CRT. Students will be working on the online learning programs planned by teachers, there will not be an alternative program developed.

If a family requires assistance with supervision during the school day, the relevant sector principal must be contacted.





Out of School Hours Care:

The before and after school care program is currently running and parents of primary age students can book children in through the usual process.


Phone: 8682 9400


Entering the school:

The Victoria Office and the Burley Griffin office have both been fitted with doorbells. The doors will remain locked and if you have an appointment eg, to pick up a paper pack of learning, please ring the bell, and when the door is answered let the person know the purpose of your visit. You will be asked to use the sanitizer in the air lock before entering the foyer to collect a pack. If there are a number of parents waiting to collect materials or meet with someone, please maintain the expected social isolation distancing.

Please email if you require clarification about the above or queries regarding other matters.

Steve Warner
Manor Lakes P12 College