Dear Families,

I have had follow up questions to my previous communication about the planned closure of Victorian schools.

Manor Lakes Secondary students do not attend school tomorrow because of the Parent Teacher Interviews. This means our secondary students will not return to school until the community lockdown is over which will be announced by the government in the future.

Some secondary students and parents have asked about access to their lockers to get personal belongings. Secondary students are welcome, and advised, to attend school to collect their belongings between 8.30am – 4.00pm tomorrow (23/03/2020). If there are other opportunities in the next few days I will advise this in my next communications.

If/When you do collect your belongings from your locker, please follow the personal space guidelines, ie, leave a personal distance of 4m between yourself and another student, this may mean waiting for another student to get their belongings before opening your locker. When you collect your belongings, please do so as promptly as possible and follow the community lockdown procedures that are being provided by the government by leaving the school grounds.

Students will receive communication from teachers with information about how on-line learning will take place. If this does not occur this week, it will be after the holidays. Details about the on-line learning program and timing will be sent to families as soon as possible.

Again, I wish all our community well and look forward to school resuming soon.

Steve Warner
Manor Lakes P12 College