Junior high school students are being given the chance to learn beyond their years.

Manor Lakes P-12 College last year introduced an enrichment program that teaches year 7 and 8 students advanced curriculum based on their individual needs.

Students have to pass a testing process to determine their academic level.

Manor Lakes College secondary principal Renee Liprino said while a number of schools offer accelerated subjects for older high school students, Manor Lakes College is one of only a few offering this type of accelerated learning to younger year levels.

Ms Liprino said all enrichment students also do a music component, and there is also the option to do sport and participate in a new chess club.

“It’s not just about academics, we want to build the whole student,” she said.

Enrichment program co-ordinator Jayne Arnold-Harsley added: “Enrichment kids in general either learn a musical instrument at home – hence the music program – and many of them already train in martial arts”.

Year 8 enrichment student Sreeja Gullapalli is studying a number of subjects at year 9 level, and maths at year 10 level.

“It’s a chance for me to really take the next step in my learning,” she said.

“Overall, I’ve felt it’s really helped me. I can feel myself learning so much more.”

Year 7 student Hamza Dar applied for the program after his older brother took part last year, and is now studying a number of subjects at year 8 level.

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