Two teams of four students (eight students in total) participated in the Maths Games Day Competition held at Overnewton Anglican Community College on Monday 3rd September. Team 2 came 35th out of the 50 teams and Team 1 came 15th out of the 50 teams – excellent results for the school’s first time at the competition!

Well done to the eight students who took part: Kokoa, Yana, Gabriel, Harjot, Puluna, Saumya, Piju and Tisha. Special congratulations goes to Yana, who was one of only six students out of the 200 students at the Competition to complete the Origami ball, netting her team an extra 15 points!

Congratulations to Kokoa for achieving a Distinction AND the highest score for Year 7 Enrichment in the Australian Mathematics Competition.